A Mother’s Wisdom

He wails, cries, and proclaims
“Life is not fair!” The boy
has lost his favorite toy. His
mother wipes his tears with
compassion, understanding his
pain and anger. She also knows
that her child must face this and
much greater challenges and
disappointments as he goes
through life, each offering
him an opportunity to learn
a life lesson.

So it is with our Creator who
loves us enough to let us
choose so that we may learn
what each choice brings.
Ultimately, there are no
bad choices for each comes with
its own possibilities of wisdom.


  1. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    there might not be bad choices

    but some choices are more optimal than others

    proactive goal setting not just going with the flow

    allows for a more examined and intentional life

    people who set goals – long term and 5 year planning

    instead of bouncing from one thing to another

    end up being happier and more succesful
    primarily because they created a method to measure and make adjustments

    instead of drifting or hustling
    never sure if you’re really where you could or should be
    perhaps regretting options or paths not taken

    planning and governing yourself for that future

    is the path forward


    • Yes, this argument is valid. I have lived both ways, i.e., goals, accomplishments, etc. Now I live a life of unfolding. Very interesting way to live. But I am 69 so can afford to live this way. It would be much harder in the middle of raising a family and having a career. Yet I wonder how my life would have been different if I had let it unfold more. The US is big on goal setting and achievement. Hard not to think this way when everything supports it. But many cultures have a much more relaxed way of living that is also valid. Thanks, as always, for your thoughtful observations, Nina. hugs, pat


      • well, yes, what each person’s style or approach to life will vary

        age or circumstance dependent

        Its’ been a journey to switch from a rat race mentality to an at home existence

        time is a tricky thing and our relationship to it varies
        on many levels and contexts


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