A Level of Knowing

One reaches ongoing levels of
knowing. Often chaos, doubt,
even despair can proceed as
one struggles with an
eruption of knowing. Like
a festering wound, all exudation
of faults must burst out, leaving
the wound clean and healing.
There is a calm that follows the
bestowal of knowing…a peace
and surge of love, where the
struggle becomes insignificant.
The baby is born, the mother puts
it to her breast and signs with
the reward of pure love.

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10 Responses to A Level of Knowing

  1. what a terrific punch!

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  2. thoughtsontheatre says:

    So evocative and filled with truth. Beautiful.

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  3. Oh, the thought of pure love. Well written. The message oozed out clear.


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  4. Nina says:

    thank you Pat
    that actually captures some elusive thoughts that I have been having today

    amazingly succinctly.

    thank you


  5. Nina says:

    Reblogged this on Living Well.

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  6. mbwilliams says:

    Very deep and insightful, like bubbles rising up from the depths of a pond.

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