The Smallest Flower

You are sad, depressed, filled with
longing. You take pills, drink
wine and bore your friends with
tales of woe.

The cure for this malady lies
not in empty bottles and
loveless passion. One does
not have to seek what one
already has. That which gives
life meaning lies locked within
your heart. The key to that lock
is gratitude. Praise the Lord
and be grateful for the smallest
flower, and you will have that
which you seek.


  1. i love so many of your poems that i should be commenting on all of them !!! And the accompanying pics are gorgeous too !!! I especially love this one as i am a recoverring alcoholic who always looked for happiness and peace in a bottle , but i only ended up in pieces ! I still struggle with gratitude although I have so mucg to be grateful for, I tend to be a negative person, but no one wants to hear my tales of woe. So, I am now trying to be grateful for everything, big and small. Thank you !!


    • Thank you for sharing your story. I welcome your comments any time. We all have our addictions, ways of dealing with the difficulties of life. For me, developing that “attitude of gratitude” was the key to letting go of all the hurt and frustration. I kept a gratitude journal for more than a year. Each day, without fail, I wrote five things for which I was grateful, never repeating any of them. I was amazed at how easy it became to see the world with eyes and a heart of gratitude. Being a “negative person” is part habit. We are so used to hearing ourselves and others be negative…not to mention our culture that promotes bad news and fear. When I find myself thinking a negative thought, I mentally “cancel” it and replace it with a positive loving thought. With time this has helped me…that and having friends who are positive and don’t want to hear “woe is me” stories. I have become quite joyful and peaceful, actually, so can tell you that you will, too. Come again and feel free to comment. I like that! hugs, pat


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