More Gratitude

red moon

The theme of gratitude
bears repeating for we
need to be reminded to
avoid forgetting how
generous is our Creator.

Last night’s moon rose
in golden glory, turning
the floresta into a
fairy’s delight. I knelt
in prayer, giving thanks
for an amazing life, gratitude
filling my eyes with
tears of happiness.

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7 Responses to More Gratitude

  1. Your words are beyond inspiring. We would love to have you as a guest blogger to inspire our readers and share your insights! XO ~ Trèsors De Luxe


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  3. dykewriter says:


    makes me wish I had gone outside to see the moon


  4. gratitude is a very powerful thing….thanks for sharing!


  5. Kurt says:

    Wonderful! I’d avoid the “amazing” cliché, but that’s just me.


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