Power, dominion, enslavement
So you want power, do you?
No problem! I can give you
more than you can ever imagine.
All will be yours to command
as you please.

Countries around the world
will jump at the chance to
do as you command; beautiful women
will call you to their beds.
What else do you dream of: mansions,
yachts, travel, the finest wines,
money, gold, jewels…all will be yours!

Power, sweet power, now it
is mine. Let the fools make
peace signs with their fingers,
wear flowers in their hair.
Throw the dogs a bone;
I laugh as I watch them
fight for that morsel,
their hunger and desperation
to live making them savage.

Power is a snake in your hand.
You brandish it like a sword,
stabbing here and there.
The snake’s deadly bite
brings death to those
who dare to oppose you.
Beware that the snake
does not turn on the hand
that holds it, it’s poison
mixing with your own.

The power of the Dark
is built with illusion, lies, and deceit.
It can not stand against the Light.
Note how Mother Earth,
in a breath’s instance,
washed match box cities
into the ocean;
her belly splits open
pouring fire and wrath
on all; in a blink, thousands die.
Our Mother Earth has power, indeed.

Know that the Source
of her power is greater
than your mind can conceive.
The Dark is nothing, a brat
strutting, full of foul air.

Source waits and watches
as we play our foolish games,
destroying our world and ourselves
with our greed and lust for power.

There is a time of reckoning
for each of us, our deeds do not go
unnoticed; think carefully before
you choose whom you serve.

Humility, gratitude, and love
bring you into the
Family of Light, banishing
Darkness from your soul.
Which do you choose?

Photo: http://www.revelife.com


    • Strong, powerful poem you wrote, Sam. Great picture, too. Keep telling your truth, and living your life as a model. Afterall, people believe what they see us do, rather than what we say. When both are in line with the Light, it is a powerful message. You have more influence than you can imagine! Keep writing. Keep asking the questions! hugs, pat


    • It is the only choice, ultimately, if one wants be one with our Creator. The promises of the other are false and fleeting. Thank you for thinking about this carefully. I send you much love and light. pat


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