Handcuffs of Fear

Self imposed handcuffs,
our fears imprison us,
rob us of the delight
of discovery

Are our fears really ours
or wayward inheritances?
April Fool gifts of our culture?
If they are mine
where did they come from?
Do they serve me well,
or cast me in a dungeon
of loss and regrets?

How do I shed these fears
and step into the worlds
of unlimited experiences?
Drink a bottle of courage?
Cling to another frightened soul?
Hide in the rabbit hole?
Cry through the night
at what might have been?

The key that unlocks
handcuffs of fear
lies within the heart,
a secret so apparent
that we miss it.
To receive and use the key
that banishes our fears
requires only our desire
and commitment to act.

For it is love in its purest form
that dissolves fear
releasing us from its prison.
It is my birthright to be happy
joyous, filled with love,
which connects me to all.

It is my decision
to let go
and claim this gift of love,
or forever remain in the limitations
of that which I fear.


  1. Fear close friends
    of love…

    Helping humanity
    is this not love
    of the grandest kind,
    which did not come
    from above…

    fear drive with love
    more throw
    the center of your heart.
    Fear could take you
    to answer
    one never knows.

    Fear has kept
    many alive
    in cold wet trenches
    on some battlefield
    is this not love
    of one and each.

    Fear and love
    can be close friends
    as they touch each other
    it really depends
    on your prospective
    point of view….


  2. “April Fool gifts of our culture?” Yes, where do they come from? I do think there is a lot of culture involved…
    And yes, “For it is love in its purest form
    that dissolves fear
    releasing us from its prison.”
    –Well said. I’m so honored so have your words on my pages. Namaste. Marie


    • Thanks you , Shaun. It never ceases to amaze me how many people go through life paralized by fears. Most do not understand that a person who is courageous is not a person without fear but rather a person who acts in the face of fear. Hugs, pat

      Pat Cegan Casa do Gaviao e dos Borboletas (62) 9915-4185 (62) 9949-5265 Santa Branca Fazenda Caxia Postal: 19 Rural Terezopolis, GO Brazil CEP: 75.175-000 Source of Inspiration: http://www.patcegan.wordpress.com


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