Talking Out Loud

There are those who think I
am quite mad. The possibility of
this being true does not bother
me for madness may be just
another way of experiencing a
different reality. So I will
continue to talk out loud to
myself, plants, animals, aliens,
angels, for I have much to say and
many questions to ask.

Listen to my babble or not, but
know there comes a moment when I
become a channel for some higher
wisdom. I may seem mad but
perhaps it is just a disguise.


  1. WOW! The illustration sure is appropriate too! Anyone who speaks from their heart, as do you, always speaks the truth; And some of what is true, IS madness… ( It is our little peccadilloes that make us who we are. Awe but that is the fun part!) – Robin Williams


  2. On the lighter side, I used to get embarrased when i realized that I was talking to myself while walking down a crowded street. With the advent of cell phones all I have to do is hold a hand up to my ear!


    • Oh, that is very funny. I used to be embarrassed but one thing about being a foreigner and being older is that people here expect me to be eccentric and are never disappointed. lol Great idea about the phone, though. hugs, pat


  3. Picture and poem – wonderful.
    True, it’s not always to find this inner still point
    but then, when a such a beautiful poem (or sometimes harsh – there’s beauty in that as well)
    wells up from source – isn’t it like a miracle?



  4. I know where you are coming from, not mad at all. When I was in my 20’s long long ago, I went through a period of discovery and letting go of mundane things and tuning in to what you call Source. I talked out loud to myself a lot (well, still do from time to time, but it’s different now). Above all, i did some channeled writing, material very similar to your work – the message is basically the same, but the form of expression it takes is filtered through the vessel.


    • Thank you for sharing this, Judee. I had never had the experience of “channeling” writing before the poems started coming. But now I see that tapping into Source is something that I have done for years in other areas including healing, music, art, etc. It is interesting that you say that your messages were similar to what is here but then, these messages have been around for many generations, i.e., love our Creator, love each other, take care of our beautiful Earth. Wish I understood better about how knowledge exists in timeless form and we are able to tap into it. It is a grand idea, huge. A friend of mine saw Chico Xavier, Brazil’s famous medium, write a different book with both hands and carry on a conversation at the same time. He wrote more than 440 books in his lifetime, all channeled, and never kept a penny of the money he made, rather gave it to the poor people of Brazil. Our minds are so much more powerful than we realize.

      How is your talking out loud different now? Was this period of discovery triggered by anything in particular or was it spontaneous? With this awakening, we will see people with capabilities we could only dream of before. Already it is happening. Hugs, pat

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      • My talking out loud now is more just talking to myself, about daily things, etc.
        Part of what triggered it before was simply that I was interested in all things spiritual and in phenomenon like that. I also kept a diary, and at one point found myself writing out things that my mind couldn’t keep up with. I took a year off working to explore this, but eventually came back to the mundane, because it worried my parents too much.
        But I have often felt it when writing even now – I’ll be writing to a friend about a problem they shared with me, and my fingers on the keyboard kind of take on a life of their own, and I feel like I am answering them from me, but also from not-me. Usually they tell me I was right on target – but if I had stopped and thought about what to say to them, I know it wouldn’t have come. But then you know what i’m talking about. 🙂
        Blessings, Judee


      • I received this during a meditation one day: Be silent and I will put words of wisdom in your mouth. Oh, if only I practiced this all the time. 🙂 But I am getting better at disconnecting and observing Source working through me. Awesome experience. Thanks, Judee, for sharing your experience. hugs, pat

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