Falling into Terror

To be truly alive,
we must be willing
to die–another of
life’s many paradoxes.
To live in fear of
death stifles our
ability to embrace
life at its fullest.
One must fall into
the arms of the Lord
in complete surrender,
peaceful in the knowledge
that whatever time we
have on Earth is precious,
so very precious.

Live each moment with love
and gratitude for even
those difficult times
serve their purpose and
are part of the
tapestry of Life.



  1. Jalal ad-Din Rumi – says:

    When my bier moves on the day of death,

    Think not my heart is in this world

    Weep not for me! Cry not: ‘Woe! Woe!’

    Woe is to fall in the devil’s snare.

    When thou seest my dead body, cry not: ‘Parted! Parted!

    The Supreme Meeting is mine in that hour.

    If thou commit me to the grave, say not: ‘Farewell! Farewell!’

    The grave is a curtain that hides the Communion of Paradise.

    After beholding descent, consider Resurrection;

    The sun and the moon set, only to rise again.

    What seed was buried but that it grew?

    Why, then, this doubt as regards the seed of man?




  2. I liked this poem a lot as it suits the current situation a lot. I’d been away for a long time now but when I was on, I used to be a regular reader of your posts 🙂 I hope you keep posting them as this really is a source of inspiration for me.


    • I understand that some are uncomfortable with talk referring to God. I use terms like Source, our Creator, etc. to help get the idea across of whatever this inner voice we have is that guides us. Even if one does not accept any concept of the Divine, one can still find inspiration and comfort with the idea of listening to our intuition to guide us in our lives. There is an expression, “Take what you like and leave the rest,” that you can use when reading Source of Inspiration. This blog has been read by people from 197 countries. I try to make it as open as possible so that everyone can find something they like here. Hope this helps. hugs, pat


  3. yes this one speaks volumes about life and death very good and very interesting pat .your blog is great .I have seen things in this life not of this world but those who have gone and past through and your poems make me think of life and death and destiny.


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