What Do I Believe?

In what do I believe?
My idols have fallen,
showing their feet of clay;
pedestals have toppled,
doctrines dissolved,
leaving me naked in a
desert called, “Life.”

Where do I go from here?
My compass is frozen, no
landmarks exist in this
sea of dunes. I turn slowly
and survey the four points;
all is empty, quiet. I call
out, nary an echo can be heard.

I am not lost for I do not
know where I am going. How
can I seek when I do not
know what I want? Even despair
would be welcomed in this void;
emptiness without even longing
to propel me forward.

I hang suspended in time,
dormant, no, empty, waiting
for I know not what.

Then it comes, the tiniest whisper,
barely a pulse. At first I think I
have imagined it. I will myself to
total stillness and listen. Yes,
there it is, its hum softer than
a bee. I focus on its promise…it
grows slightly louder. I hold my
breath to hear. Little by little, I
begin to feel its vibration pulsing
into my soul. Now there is a pinpoint
of Light that awakens a matching seed
in me. The Light grows from without and
within, igniting my only desire — to be
one with that which has created me, Creator
of All. And so it is. Amen.

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6 Responses to What Do I Believe?

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  2. Pam says:

    This is a great reading! It is a blessing to my soul!


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  4. Nina says:

    deeply moving


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