End of Time


End of the world prophecy
I’ve lived through several
each time waiting for disasters
which never come.
Somehow the clock keeps ticking
in spite of man’s folly
the Universe ignoring
our pettiness and greed
waiting for us to wake-up
to the gift of life
being what we make it
for now and ever more.


  1. Nicely done. I am tired of so many talking about how they feel like we are in the end times. I’ve been hearing it since I was a kid from my mother, and the churches we went to. Now, even people who are not religious are living in fear… of God’s wrath, of zombies, of meteors, nuclear bombs, ebola, global warming – the list goes on. People prepare for the worst… stock up on bullets and guns…. and want to live off the grid… Yet it seems so few are willing to actually live in the here and now, and actually do anything about anything… to try to make anything better…


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