Will’s Page

If you haven’t visited Will’s Page at this blog, click on it at the top of the page in the bar line. Will has been on Death Row for more than 13 years. I began writing to him while I was a volunteer in Brazil. He is a man deeply sorry for what he did and accepts the consequence. We exchange poetry, drawings, and stories about our lives, both past, and present. His poetry is simple and haunting. Please take a few minutes and read a few of his poems. I hope you enjoy them or at least pause to think about what he shares.

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2 Responses to Will’s Page

  1. Krishna says:

    Hi dear Pat, I visited Will’s page again. His poems are beautiful and meaningful. I would like to tell him “Dear Will, love and prayers for you. We haven’t seen each other or talked, but through god, we are connected. I would like to suggest you to focus deep into your heart with slow gentle breathing and find your divine soul, which is beyond your mind and body. Your soul is pure, divine and blissful without any blemishes. At some point in life, your mind and body did something, it is past, it has gone. Law gave punishment to your mind and body, but it can’t touch your pure divine soul which is of the God. May you experience lord’s presence in your soul, your heart. Death happens to your body and mind only, your divine soul won’t die, nothing can touch it. May you always focus on this so that when your soul leaves the body, you may do it with ease and merge into the eternal life of Godhood. Prayers and love for you dear Will – Krishna” Please convey this message to Will. This is the truth I learnt from Ramana Maharshi, my guru. This truth helped me realise lord’s eternal presence in my heart and in the heart of all beings. For a person who is waiting death, I think this will help immensely to ease the emotional pain and fear of death.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      How generous of you to write Will such a loving message. Indeed, I will write him today and include your message. May God bless you for your compassion for this lovely man who made a terrible mistake but who knows the Lord and has asked for forgiveness, though can’t yet forgive himself. hugs, pat


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