The Perfect Job

If I cannot see
let me sing
if I cannot walk
let me be Your beacon
if I cannot hear
whisper to my heart

If I can do nothing
but sit and pray
I will know You’ve
given me
a sacred job
for what could be better
than to serve my Lord?

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8 Responses to The Perfect Job

  1. This touches me so deeply. i have eye problems and i was wondering what i would do if i could not see? Some days all i do is prayers and i wonder if i am serving my Divine Lord enough – or should i be out in the street feeding the hungry… touched all the questions of my heart – and your answers are so comforting for me, at this moment. Hugs of Gratitude.

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    • Pat Cegan says:

      I am so glad you found the strength to face whatever life brings you. I once knew a woman who was bedbound. She asked local ministers for lists of people who were lonely, faced with daunting problems. Then each day she called all of these people with just a willingness to bring cheer to them, listen if they wanted to talk, share prayers and laughter for those willing. or just lay there and listen to them cry, unable to even talk to her. It was one of the most beautiful and powerful ministries I have ever known. May God bless you and guide you in how He wants you to serve Him. hugs, pat

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      • Wow! This is so inspiring Pat. Thank you for taking the time to share with me. I feel so grateful also for your prayer and blessing to serve Him in any way He chooses. Blessed be! With love, gratitude and prayers. 🌹

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  2. rashu2015 says:

    Beautiful words!

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  3. Raven Nicole says:

    I’m a poet too and this is truly amazing!! I hope you keep writing and touching other people with your work!

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