Choose to be Happy

Black cat
bad omen, witches friend, hex
gentle purrs, she snuggles near
furry ball of love
superstitions deleted

How influenced we are
by our culture
accepting without question
criticized if we do question.

Are we our thoughts
churning negative fears
doubts, anger envy?
Can we choose our thoughts
focusing on the beauty
of this world
the things which give us
joy, peace, contentment?

I choose to cancel every
negative thought that
pops up
putting something
happy in its place.

I choose to be a source
of Light to each person
I meet, a spark of love
coming through me from
our Creator.

Let us all
shine on, shine on
until all darkness is gone
leaving only
the Light of Love.

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1 Response to Choose to be Happy

  1. So inspiring and beautiful.


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