Let Go of Love

Sometimes letting go
is the only way to
say, “I love you.”

Can I love you enough
to let you walk your
path that now forks
from mine, wanting
for you, only that which
your soul seeks?


  1. My love Pat, you are so far from me… my heart needs yours and today I needed your poems. The world is crazy so much for my dreams of peace, strange so much to my wish of harmony… God save us… what is the humanity? What is humanity? Hugs of love.


  2. I’m in the throws of this now as we speak/write. I continue to go to sleep and awaken with this prayer on my lips and in my heart. “May we both find peace and joy, no matter what.”


  3. Hi Pat
    your poetry is inspiring to me and I wanted to share a poem that I wrote, back in 1984 when I wrote reams of very purple poetry and I haven’t posted this on my confessions of a teenaged poet blog. So if it’s okay with you, I’d like to give this to your blog exclusively.

    I shroud (sic) my soul with you
    Who knows me better
    Pleading my eyes not words
    while remaining closed
    I try to draw you closer
    You pull away in fear
    Of how your heart will hurt
    You avoid pain at love’s cost


  4. 786…recently eye had to let go of love…it was difficult not to express to the one what eye was feeling, but deep inside eye could feel that she needed her freedom…..love love love this one…sufi


  5. Pat
    I don’t know if you’re an Elvis fan, or that you got that I am an Elvis fan.

    You might not have seen the last banner on the previous incarnation of my Garden Blog

    but, this is one of my favorite Elvis songs and this, is the best.version.ever


  6. sometimes, it’s just being willing to do so

    to let go and take a cooling breath

    to consider, possibility

    because, as they say, if you love something

    and it returns to you

    it was always yours


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