Dire Circumstances

What dire consequences
have you experienced
from a poor choice
or destructive behavior?

If we learn from these
difficult times and
never repeat them
we can grow but
all too often we
make the same
mistakes over and over
all the while singing
“Poor me
life is not fair
God has abandoned me!”

No, my friends, it is we
who have turned away from God
pursuing our desires
even to the bitter consequences.

Stop, think, what
are the consequences?
What will happen
if you choose this or that
then ask God to guide
your choices, thank Him
forever being with you
then make your wisest choice?

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4 Responses to Dire Circumstances

  1. JanBeek says:

    C hoose
    H ow
    O thers
    I nterest you
    C ollect
    E njoyable
    S cenarios

    Then share them.
    You do that so well!


  2. Beautiful photo and beautiful words–thanks for sharing!


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