Value of Values

Grab a hot dog, pass the beer
Roar with the crowd as the ball flies
I wonder why sports generate vast
sums of money and eager crowds
while throughout the world, people
live in abject need and die of hunger.
Why do entertainment heroes become
millionaires and teachers remain
underpaid? Why do the poor have to wait for,
or go without, adequate medical care?

We must look at what values we
support–“follow the money”
to find the well of intent.
Each of us can and must make
a difference. Singularly and
together we can change the world.

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4 Responses to Value of Values

  1. Marty says:

    Things were not always like this
    Into the early 60’s nfl linemen made $25,000 a year and worked a job in the off season

    Pay any human the money they get now and it will change them.

    The game is an outlet, in some cases the identity of the city or area or sometimes in soccer a whole country

    These athletes and especially the owners have a heavy responsibility to give to the needy, not only financially but emotionally being involved with their communities

    Happiness is not collecting all those possessions, adulation and opulence

    Greed does not just exist in sports look at politics, Wall Street and corporate dealings

    Good teachers especially at the kindergarten and early grades are worth millions


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  3. Nina says:

    Reblogged this on Nina's Garden and commented:

    good question

    if we really accept that the children are the future, then we need to be more concerned about what we are really teaching them

    because, one they, they will pick what care home we end up in.

    so…… that’s a thought.


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