Golden Opportunity

When I was a child,
a neighbor had homing pigeons
that could return to their
roost regardless of where
they were released. I have
wondered for a life time how
animals, fish and birds migrate
thousands of mile through
unknown areas. Indigenous people
world wide have tracking abilities
that city dewellers can only dream
about. These people of the land
have a finely tuned awareness of
their surroundings and intuitive
senses. Where today, people are so
bombarded by sensory input, pulled
by stress, pollution, and despair,
that they miss even the obvious.

I am turning off and tuning out these
days, spending more time in the soft
sounds of nature, relearning how
to smell rain coming, erasing the
convines of time, opening to the
wisdom of the ages. I am paying
attention to ants marching, bird
warnings, monkey chatter, and the
hairs on my body that pick up subtle
signals. I am becoming, evolving, being,
as are you. Pay attention to this
marvelous transformation we are
experiencing. It is a golden opportunity
to see the power of the Divine.


I was born before satellites, TV, 3D movies, cell phones, microwaves, walks on the moon, Internet, video games. Why does it delight me to say this? The children wonder how I could have lived back in the olden days when we did not have what they view as bare essentials.

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2 Responses to Golden Opportunity

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  2. Thanks for this post, Pat. I know someone who is at present in Normandie, France, assigned to work with the tourists at the Church Museum at Utah and Omahah Beaches, where hundreds of thousands of soldiers from around the world are buried, and where so much of the “horror”of those days is preserved in the “museums” . . . I suppose that we the “tourists” will NEVER FORGET all of the violence effected by war. I sent her a copy of this newspaper article.

    I am not missing the wonders of Today’s sunrise! It is glorious! An expression of the Power and Beauty of the Divine . . . I am not oblivious to it today . . . and delight in its golden delight as a city awakens to a new day!


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