Where’s the Poet?


Where is the poet
who writes these poems
each day
sending them through
my mind and pen
into the world to
delight and inspire?

Who is this Master of Words
who pours forth as many poems
as I’m willing to scribe?
I feel His presence,
hear the flow of words
yet know Him only
as the Universal Muse
manifesting through
all who open their hearts
to expressing that which
He joyfully sends our way.


  1. Poetry is like a wild chase… one where you are trying to catch the unknown. And like grasping a handful of water, you watch as slips through your fingers.

    Very thought provoking poetry, thank you “Source of inspiration”

    Love & Light,


    • Thank you for adding your thoughts, Mason. Before I started my blog three years ago, I thought I did not like poetry. What a shame to have had so many years that I could have been enjoying it and did not. Now I am astounded at the number of blogs with wonderful poetry available for us all to enjoy. hugs, pat


    • Hi, Chris, nice to hear from you. Hope all is well in your world and spring is coming at last. I love living in the tropics after thirty years of cold! hugs, pat


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