Binoculars of Life


Binoculars are tricky to
use. Look in the wrong end
and all is far away. Look in
the other end and all is blurred.
I fiddle with the nob and the
distortion gives me a world
of smeared color. But then
comes a moment when I finally
get the picture in focus and
my world becomes startling
clear. The tiniest detail
is in absolute clarity.

Life is thus, too. Sometimes
the purpose of life seems so
obscure, far away. We try
again and again to understand
who we are, why we are here,
yet it remains blurred by life.
Then one day it happens;
we arrive at a point of understanding
and all is revealed, in astounding
detail. We arrive where we were
all the time.

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4 Responses to Binoculars of Life

  1. BeingAlive says:

    Beautiful words👍🏻💐


  2. I have become exhausted by the desire of wanting something beyond,looking for answers I cannot find made me anxious and vulnerable so I just live life as it is( not saying I’m becoming ignorant,I’m just allowing myself to have a peace of mind…Nicely written madam.I’m inspired.


  3. dykewriter says:


    true story


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