An Orderly Person


I do not do well in chaos
for by nature I am an
orderly person. Not for me
are the ongoing dramas
that so many create.
I have learned to pull
energy from the perfection
of the Universe rather than
using the uproar of conflict
and confusion, fear and pain.

We have a choice
to live in harmony
and tranquility or
to participate in the
madness all around us

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5 Responses to An Orderly Person

  1. Love the last para – our choice to be in tranquility and not dissolve in madness. Thank you! 🙂


  2. BeingAlive says:

    Brilliant lines👍🏻😇we always have our choices


  3. haelanra says:

    so concise yet well expressed! 🙂 for my part, I like order, too, but sometimes I find that one can discover order precisely by jumping into the very eye of the storm and pouring out all the chaos churning in me through my writing.


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