Whose Fault?

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If it is not my fault,
as I often declare,
then whose is it?
Can a caterpillar be
cut into segment’s
so it can blame section
three? Am I really so
autonomous that I carry
no blame for the actions
of others? Can I write
All is One, and then say
that it is not my fault?

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4 Responses to Whose Fault?

  1. trustlifetoday says:

    LOVE this one — have forwarded it on to many!
    Love, Leslie


  2. mountainmae says:

    All is one which I believe doesn’t keep you from personal responsibilty .


  3. I concur about regret. We all do the best we can at each individual moment. That can freeze you and stop your growth. It really is the intention which counts.


  4. Nina says:

    cute blue catterpillar – what sub-species is that?

    Don’t blame yourself. I don’t beleive in shame or regret or blaming.

    No point dwelling on the negative Pat!

    your pal


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