Snippets of Source #54

Dusty Beauty

Did you ever wonder why I made things so complicated?
Your ability to think expands expoentially to how much you do it.

Besides I know you love a good mystery! teeheeteehee, Source


Another of my photos taken near my house. Please feel free to use any of my photos as long as you are using them in the spirit of the blog.

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3 Responses to Snippets of Source #54

  1. Beautiful photo!
    I love photos that appreciate nature.


  2. Nina says:

    the universe is complex and mysterious
    I am in awe and struck with wonder
    naturalistic pluralistic panopoly
    sensory and sensational stimuli
    the world will as it will
    best to empty the self of will
    allowing for possibility
    universal will
    to be or not be

    free will is deterministic
    costly and priceless
    both at the same time

    humbly yours
    live time
    poetic reading
    the Nina experience


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