Our Wise Council

We are bold when we give advice,
but our own lives are in shambles.
Be patient, kind, honest, loving,
forgiving, we say with great authority,
yet our wise words go unheeded both by
those we council and by ourselves.


This drawing is one of my ways of meditating. The precision and care that is necessary to do these drawings takes me to my inner connection with Source. More and more I am coming to understand how we make this connection in many ways, but the expression of our creativity in whatever way we wish, is a beautiful way to connect with our Creator. I encourage you to explore your creative being as a way of discovering who you truly are.


  1. A good reminder…to listen and heed our own good words. It’s so easy to see in others…they really know the answers they ask questions of…
    and thank you for sharing your drawing meditation.
    Siggi in Downeast Maine


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