Terrible Threes

The three year old wets
the bed, throws temper
tantrums and lives up
to the saying “the terrible
threes.” The mother patiently
soothes the child, and knows
that he will grow past these
difficult times.

We, too, are spiritual babies
peeing in our diapers, prone
to temper, selfishness and
tears. And like a caring mother,
we must not judge ourselves or
others harshly, for we all will
grow past this stage, yet how often
we think poorly of ourselves or
another, heaping cruel judgement
instead of love on this spiritual baby
who need our patience, not our criticism.


  1. LOL Pat!

    This is why I opted for furbabies.

    My dogs and cat will never:

    crash my car
    quiet college on me
    come home pregnant

    and best of all

    the cat can only do drugs when I give them to her!

    thanks for cheering me up!


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