Will’s Page

I want to introduce you to Will, a man who has lived on Death Row for 12 years while the country debates the legality and humanity of the death sentence. Most countries have banned the death sentence, and many of the states have, too. Unfortunately, Will is imprisoned in one of the states that still retain this law.

Please visit his page located in the bar above and read his touching poems and the stories I will share with you about our penpal friendship that has taught me the real meaning of gratitude. Go there often and get to know this remarkable man

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3 Responses to Will’s Page

  1. I reblogged it but still looking for the link


    • Pat Cegan says:

      If you look at the black bar underneath the picture of the river, you will see Will’s Page. Once you click on it and are in it, you can copy the address bar. This is what you will see: https://patcegan.wordpress.com/wills-page/
      Sorry, it is confusing but thanks for reblogging this introduction to it. Do check out the actual page as I will be adding stories about Will and also his poems. The first one is already posted. Hugs, Pat


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