Taker or Giver?

two little girls1

One little girl said
to the other, “Will
you be my friend?”
“OK, will you be mine,
too?” responded the other.
“No, I just want you to
be my friend.”

We laughed when we heard
what my friend’s daughter
had said, but I thought
that the child spoke the
truth. Many people feel this
way…”Give me, but I don’t
want to give to you.”

There seems to be more takers
that givers these days. Notice
at any gathering that there are
only a few doing all the work,
while the others sit chatting
and waiting to be served.

All of nature demonstrates the
importance of balance. So it is
in relationships, for there to
be peace and unity, we each must
contribute our share. There is joy
to be found in giving. He who only
wants to receive will spend his
life wanting more.

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6 Responses to Taker or Giver?

  1. 1EarthUnited says:

    How true! The gift is in the giving from the heart. Thanks for sharing this.


  2. What do they say? “What goes around comes around.” I am sure it applies to this as well. Good to look at it from the perspective of balance as you do here – thanks!


  3. Sharla says:

    We should all give more and expect less…makes for a much better world!

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  4. rachel bar says:

    Thank you for giving so much.


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Our Creator models for us the joy of giving. Think of all we are given to make our lives rich. The more we learn to give, the closer we draw to our Creator. There is great joy to be had in giving as long as one does it with no strings attached. Not an easy lesson but so very rewarding when one achieves it. hugs, pat


      • rachel bar says:

        The Jewish philosopher Maimonides described the different levels of giving. The highest level was when one does it anonymously without expecting a reward.


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