Memory Lane #1

One of the treasures of the later part of life is the perspective one has on how life has changed. One has a view of the world at 70 that one can not have at 15. I live in a country that respects, even likes, its elders, for the most part. This allows important interplay with all age groups, creating better unity and sharing of understanding.

Mary Jane shoes, a must in my childhood…no outfit was complete without them. I do not know why I woke up thinking about these shoes that adorned the feet of so many little girls, but I’ve come to love these sweet recalls that flavor my days. I am paying more attention to life these days… cloud formations, salt on the tongue, Mary Jane shoes… interwoven threads of the tapestry of life.

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4 Responses to Memory Lane #1

  1. dykewriter says:

    I had that impressed upon me as a kid

    I think it;s why I had a more grown up perspective than my peers…


  2. becca givens says:

    A wonderful memory xoxo bb


  3. as we get older I believe we realize wht is truly important and what is not. there is so much superficiality in life that drives each of us until we reach a point that says ‘wait a minute, in the scheme of things this, that or the other is not What is truly important’ I love my aging process (minus the creaks, cracks. pops and pain) I love being a bit wiser now than before and that I can look at life, my world, my family and show love without being cranky, sharp tongued or judgemental. Isn’t that the greatest, God just leads us closer to where and what He wants us to be as we age. thank you for you beauitful piece:) hugs and love Pat ((xx))


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