Do No Harm

Physicians take an oath to do not harm;
we all would do well to live by this oath, too.
If we can not improve the world,
 the very least is to not harm it.

We may think a small lapse is not significant,
but any careless act multiplied by seven
billion people grows to disastrous proportions.

Consider carefully how you indifference or carelessness
might become if everyone on the planet did the same
thing simultaneously.

Physician, do no harm…
a good lesson for us all.


I am still struggling with computer problems. Bear with me as I am not able to post pictures at this point and very few poems are getting through correctly. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Another lesson in patience for me….grrrrrrr. hugs, pat

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5 Responses to Do No Harm

  1. The words of this oath have been going around in my mind for a couple of weeks now – Good to see you posting them! Yes, they are the foundation for any relationship, not just between physicians and their patients.
    With Love,


  2. dykewriter says:

    that rather depends on what variables you factor in your consideration

    extending life beyond any quality is certainly harm by many measures


  3. Geraldine says:

    and how sad that so many drs. have forgotten that oath along the way…well written.


  4. Sharla says:

    Lot of wisdom, Pat, LOT of wisdom! Wish more would take it to heart 🙂


  5. Yes, that is a good lesson. I wish all of us would learn it.


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