Smell of Fish


The freezer smells of fish;
the smell of one piece has
permeated all. Like the old
adage, “one rotten apple
spoils the barrel.”

Who we chose to be with
influences us in many ways.
So does where we place our
attention: violent games,
movies, music. We watch shows
where people are brutally
slaughtered and think it
is only “entertainment.”

It is not. It poisons our minds,
trivializes brutality,  leaves
us smelling like fish, and wondering
why we have wars and school shootings.

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4 Responses to Smell of Fish

  1. vision5d2012 says:

    So very true.In one of Suzanne Lie’s messages from the Arcturians, I read a statement to this effect: “Remove your attention from that which you no longer wish to experience.” How many still dwell on that which they do not want, instead of choosing the thoughts and images of those things and experiences they desire. Thoughts are Things. Let’s choose them wisely. Blessings, Alia


  2. dykewriter says:

    Reblogged this on dyke writer and commented:
    I agree

    we are shaped by what we are constantly exposed to


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