Journey Home

sun set

The sun is sliding down
now level with my face,
edging toward the verdant
rolling foothills. The air
is pure as if angels have
just sighed, releasing their
breath as a gentle breeze.
A crane glides onto the pond
smudging the reflection of
the surrounding vegetation.
Soon night will seep into
the valley as the sun concludes
it decent behind the hills.

I am alone, the silence of
sunset settling over me
leading me into the journey
within. I surrender to the
moment and allow the eternal
me to rise out of my body,
which remains in meditative
repose. I look down one last
time, checking the silver
chord that keeps me in contact
with my earthly manifestation.
I am going home.

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4 Responses to Journey Home

  1. BeingAlive says:

    Beautiful 💐🌹💕


  2. 1EarthUnited says:

    Lovely prose, thank you!


  3. dykewriter says:

    what a nice sense of calm bliss

    thanks for sharing this one,Pat



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