Peaks and Valleys

crystal lake

I finished another decline
I went as low as I could be.
Now the ascent begins to a
mountain even higher, each
time coming closer to
my Creator.

When  I tread these peaks
and valleys, I explore all
possibilities. Love is my
destination, my journey is
filled with all I need to
bring me to my Creator
to merge into the perfect
love that is my destiny.

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4 Responses to Peaks and Valleys

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  2. It is raining today and I feel light and shiney after reading your worlds. You truly have a gift.


  3. I keep coming across ascending a mountain symbolism! Thank you!


    • Pat Cegan says:

      In order to have a mountain top, one must also have a valley. We forget this sometimes and bemoan difficult times. But it is the cycle of life in all things. We must experience both the peaks and valleys as both have much to teach us. Hugs, pat


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