Be the Change


We are surrounded by
corruption and greed
that is waiting for the
alchemy of love to
transmute it to Oneness.
Be the catalyst of
transformation. Join
the millions around
the globe who link
together our thoughts
and prayers, pinpoints
light illuminating the
hearts of all.


  1. I just noticed that this ties in nicely with my blogs tagline.
    The new paradigm is the internet. Hierarchical structures are of the past. Who needs them? They may have served a purpose once, but now their time is past.

    Light and Love,

    ~ Kenny


    • I am laughing…perhaps you are right about glove. I write the poetry before sunrise each day and post them immediately when possible. It does not give me the distance I need to edit with a fresh eye. I could post less poems, but I try to post one every four hours as there are people in 174 countries reading the blog so all the time zones are represented for the most part. Sometimes mistakes can serve a purpose, in making something pop out at you, for instance. I had a professor once, walk over to a 25 lb. piece of clay I had been staring out for a long time, unsure how to start. He picked it up, and dropped it on the concrete floor. Carefully picking it up, he returned it to the table and said, “Now make something and keep this shape!” Once we open up to all possibilities, lovely things happen…like your note. hugs, pat


      • interesting, that is not the pattern of posting that I have been perceiving….

        so that messes with your sleep schedule a little, eh?

        well, it’s hardly like my stuff is typo free. I don;’t usually comment on that type of thing, but in this case, the happy accident seemed noteworthy


      • This program allows you to set the time you want something to post, hours, days, weeks ahead. Even I am not willing to post every four hours 7 days a week and forgo sleep. I try to post ahead because I often do not have electricity or Internet. That way if I do not, the program posts. Fortunately, I can receive many more poems than I use each day so always have some on hand. If not, on rare occasions, I will repost an earlier one under the title, Spiral Poems. I seldom have time to go back and reread earlier poems but am always happy when I do for I seldom remember them and learn from them again. hugs, pat


      • This is lovely Pat. I’ve created an Facebook page for my blog. We sure could use your help. Change is afoot! Either that, or I’m completely crazy! Either way I wish you Love and Light.
        Peace be with you and to this tired world.
        ~ Kenny


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