Thank-You for All


Thank you for the boulder in my path
that gives me perseverance, for
the person who hurts me that I may
learn forgiveness. Thank you for
those who come into my life and annoy
me; from them I learn compassion and patience.

I do not ask you t0 remove problems from
my life, but rather for the strength and
wisdom to learn from them, then to let them go.


  1. Well said,
    I think there should be a balance in learning from other people as well as from your own self also. With passage of time, your strength also go down the line and you indeed need a hand, a breath, an eye to see you and may be guide you on the right path. Though wisdom, and learning has a complicated web around them, it is up to you from which frame of reference you are looking at the situation

    Bottom line, as Steve Jobs once quoted in his speech: Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish, for all the learning and wisdom which you will encounter in this life


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