Barn Raisings and Leaky Faucets


In the past, neighbors came
to “barn raisings” with an
eagerness to help. Working
together, a group of men
would build a barn for a
neighbor while the women
covered tables beneath the
trees with favorite recipes
of food from the harvest.

Today, it is a real challenge
to find someone who is willing
to fix a leaky faucet or other
small repair. If we do find
someone, we must pay an outrageous
amount of money.

How is it that few people know the
joy of helping, of giving? There
is great satisfaction in performing
an act of kindness without the
expectation of payment. Have we
failed to teach our children this
by demonstrating it in our own lives?

We live in isolation in cities, often
not knowing our neighbors’ names,
much less that they have a leaky faucet.


  1. too many rats in the cage

    it changes behaviours to less cooperative and more competitive

    people are the same

    I think most people would be stunned to learn how much


  2. Pat I to would like to reblog this, it is so very true. I miss the days when we helped each other for nothing more than the blessing of helping. thank you for all the wonderful posts you are a true encouragement and inspiration to me.


    • Of course you can use it in whatever way is necessary. I will checkout the site as I don’t think I have been there. Gotta’ see what you are up to. Hugs, pat


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