Our Dark Side


What is our “dark side?”
Is it true that we all
have one? Did the Creator
create us in His image;
does He have a dark side?
Challenge all “truisms,”
even famous quotes accepted
by many as “truths.”


“Knowing your own darkness is the best method for dealing with the darkness of others.” Carl Jung

Sounds good unless one looks carefully at the implications. Go within to seek the truth.


  1. Love this concept. So brave to bring forth this one N to challenge Mr. God in this regard 🙂
    Dark side?? he he I don’t believe in dark N bright side discussions. It’s, somehow, a kind of unnecessary projections by those so called religious leaders N unnecessary psychiatrists & therapists. 🙂 😉


    • Did you really call psychiatric care unnecessary? Now there is a sacred cow worth looking at. There is a hospital here that I visited that treats mental illness both as a spiritual problem as well as providing traditional therapy, i.e., the couch and pills. The statics are staggering world wide for people who pay billions of dollars to therapists and to pharmaceutical companies for “mental illness.” Oh-oh, I feel a poem or a Pat’s Ponderings coming on. Quick, write about this before I do. What if there is no such thing as mental illness?

      You are definitely a catalyst. jingle bell kisses, and giant hugs, pat


      • Catalyst hmm? 😉 glad to know that 🙂
        Sacred Cow he he …

        Well, those cares maybe useful for some people 🙂 But, these therapists aim at the weakness – or weak aspects of mind – of man and they make it worse without any liberation from their clutches. I believe we’ve all the powers within, don’t be always in a kindergarten 🙂 All these are ——— influence (i want to use some offensive word. But, swallowed) from the west.

        Well, I give you a new year kiss instead 😉 🙂


      • New Years kiss accepted and enjoyed. May all good things come your way. 2013 promises to be a spectacular year. I think 2012 was most interesting and learned a lot in spite of a few bruises. hugs, pat


    • So, HH, do you think our Creator made us defective? or if we are in His image, does He have a dark side? All of this brings up the issue of the purpose of duality. Sigh….time to go play in the sandbox some more. lol, here is a big hug for the Happy Hugger. How bad can you be if you call yourself the Happy Hugger? I bet you do not even have a dark side. 🙂 pat


  2. If you take the bible words literaly then the implication is that the creator has a dark side as well. There’s no doubt that we have a dark side, just talk to therapists and police officer and look at your average psychopath.


    • Rachael, the whole issue of people who torture and kill for pleasure, or at least relief from their agony, has fascinated me for years. There are many theories about how and why they are driven to do this. It staggers the mind to know how many of the “soulless” people there are walking the Earth. Those who carry the Light must be ever diligent in their work for there is, indeed, much darkness now. That being said, it is important to remember that there is only One Source and that source is pure love energy. There is nothing stronger and ultimately Source is Supreme. big hug, pat


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