A State of Grace


Love is a state of grace.
When you are in imbalance,
you are not in the timelessness
of love. To be well, serene, you
must be in this state of love,
aware of the Divine you
connected to All.

Like the flower of the sun,
turn to the light. If you
falter, face the sun,
drawing in the light. Give
praise, sing your gratitude,
rejoice and let no one
steal your joy.


  1. Beautiful! I love the sun-lit field of sunflowers! Makes me wonder: what would happen if we human all would trustingly turn to the SUN and allow ourselves be filled to overflowing with its “radience”? . . .
    May I copy this image and your thought? Thank you dear Pat! You certainly are a “flower turned towards the sun”!


    • Anything on Source of Inspiration can be reblogged or used for non-commercial uses as long as it is within keeping with the spirit of the blog. Use as often as you like. Source wants these messages to go out! hugs, pat


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