Power of Expectation

Few of us realize the
power of expectation.
It is not enough to want
something, to chant
affirmations, to whine
when we do not get what
we want when we want it.

When I truly believe that
I am loved and protected by
my Creator, that expectation
sets a force in motion and
all that is needed for it
to manifest becomes a reality.

People ask me if I am afraid to
walk in the floresta alone. I
am not. My expectation of a loving
connection with the animals has
proven a reality time and again.

Expectation is more than hope,
more than faith. It is a quiet
knowing of the soul.


  1. stunning hummingbird image

    knowing is about predicting the future based in past experience

    but I think animals understand who means them harm and who doesn’t.

    people who want to coexist, know to make noise to not poke the bears


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