Illusions of Peace During War

Why does peace continue to
elude mankind? It seems
obvious that killing never
led to peace. It seems incongruous
to have “peace-keeping” soldiers.
I also have a hard time with
guilt-masking terms like
“collateral damage.”

Let’s tell it like it is.
I want your land, your oil.
I want power, money and more.
Submit to me or I will bomb
your homes, hospitals, schools,
museums, places of worship.
I will rape your mother, wife,
daughter and sister. And when
I have sucked your bones dry,
I will offer you peace. My tanks
will line your streets and I will
rebuild some of what I have destroyed
at a profit that will leave you forever
in my debt. And I will tell everyone
how just and mighty I am.

Am I the only one who see war
this way? God help us all!


      • collateral damage is the public phrase
        acceptable losses is the government jargon phrase

        so that actually makes it a bit worse

        since it’s the phrase used in place of the one that has the higher emotional hit value.

        much like how Shell Shock – which is a visceral phrase, morphed over time into

        Post traumatic Distress Syndrome PTSD… post traumtic stress disorder

        I can’t actually distinguish between the two…. I think my sister coined that first one and that’s why I am confused which is the correct phrase, they both fit.


      • how we use language really shapes the emotional response and understanding of the word

        and the jargon of the professionals in any given field, is really the tell


      • A good question, it largely depends on whether they are married to arms dealers, or the bankers who fund them or whether they are the mothers, sisters, wives of the young men sent as cannon fodder. The rest of us need to decide our own place and responsibilities in this criminal activity. For that is what it is.


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