Unquenchable Desire

There is a banquet spread
before me, and all the time
in the world. Where do I
begin? Should I jump in
and gobble all or savor
a tiny canape?

I am so hungry; yes, I
want it all. I grab this
and that, barely tasting
as I view the next treat
eating until I can eat
no more. I lay prone, belly
full in somnolence of greed,
sure that I will never be
hungry again. I sleep in
satiated gluttony, only
to awaken and discover a
cake layered in rich chocolate
that I have missed…my lust
starts again.

What is this unquenchable desire
that burns within that nothing
satisfies for long? What hole
into which we pour possessions,
power, and greed, only to find
that we still want more?

Oh, snake, tempt me no longer.
I cry out in longing for
sustenance that fulfills, a
Voice among the roar of the world.


  1. I might want to blog about this? Is that ok? This is powerful stuff. My “take” on it might be different than yours though. For example, I’m made to think of a line from Marilynne Robinson’s novel “Housekeeping”, —Need can blossom into all the compensations it requires.” If you don’t mind me parsing your lovely and very personal words, let me know.


    • I love that you are inspired to write your own views that spring from reading something on Source of Inspiration. Please feel free to write whatever you wish. I would love to read what you right so come back and leave a link if you can. hugs, pat


  2. I find, too, I am quite like this with experiences and my interests. I fill my plate, sometimes, to near overflowing, not knowing where to even begin.


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