M elodies of mystical light
U shering us to higher realms
S ing your way to heaven
I gnite the light of love
C areess the world with song


  1. A blessed day Ate Pat (Ate~Tagalog word means elder sister)…let me share you my favorite lines of a song I forgot the title…oh I think it’s TRUE TO MY MUSIC
    I’m true to my music. Music sets me free. And when we give our all, you can hear the harmony. When the song is over we reach out for our favorite keyYyYyyyYy…. Music is wine for all spirits inclined when you’re singing a fine melody. No measure of time will determine the rhyme when the song that you’re singing is for me….lalalala
    ohh… if only I could sing it in front of you….I love music as I love my work of arts… thanks for your warm hugs and for you my warm kisses in return…love you Ate Pat…mmmwaaaah (“,)


    • Yes, my days are filled with music, art and poetry, mixed with long walks in the floresta. What a life I have been given. Glad to know you enjoy these treasures, too. hugs, pat


  2. Nina, in the visual format, there is a large A with a down arrow beside it in the area where you can change things like adding a picture. If you click on that arrow, a color menu will drop down. Just highlight what you want colored and then click on the color you wish. More and more I am learning how music is a key that opens many spiritual doors. It is a priceless gift of our Creator. hugs, pat


  3. Pat

    How did you get colour letters? I didn’t know wordpress could do that.

    I also totally love this poem. Music is poetry and music

    the highest form of human emotional expression, I think



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