Finding Happiness

One cannot find happiness
One must be happiness.
But how when I feel so lost
at times? The key is intention.
It is our intention that leads
us on this road of discovery.
Fix your intention firmly
and proceed as if you already
have received…always with gratitude.

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    • Why would they not be happy, Raunak? Those who have lived many cycles, I would think, would be peaceful in ways the young can not be. With time, one sees the patterns of life and understands all that we experience is presented to us to help us grow spiritually, to bring us in alignment with the Creator. What prompted the question and what are your thoughts on it? hugs, pat


      • I feel that old souls find themselves in strange surroundings in this world. They are surrounded by thoughts that more often than not contradict their own. Old souls tend to cut themselves off material desires and this can make life tough in this rat race world.
        Still. I agree with you that they are gifted with peaceful ways that other cannot know.
        My interest in old souls began when I was called one by a psychologist who I met at a bar!


      • I do not know much about old souls, and the people I met in bars in my wayward years did not know about them either. lol But from the descriptions I have read of old souls, I can believe your bar guru psychologist was on target about you.


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