Pride Born of Hurt

I don’t need anybody!
Is our self-sufficiency
the result of needs seldom met?
Did we depend on others
only to be disappointed
again and again?
We became determined
to never ask for help.
Our vulnerability
protected by pride born of hurt.

We must come to the place of sorrow,
tears and despair
to be ready to give up
our prideful self-sufficiency.
Humbly ask for help.
Our Creator stands ready
but we must ask–each time.

How many times I have
struggled with a problem
and not remembered
to ask for help,
until broken from the weight
of this boulder,
I whisper, “Dear God,
please help me!”

Those sweet word
will free us from bondage
imposed by our own false pride.
“Please help me.”
“Thank you!”
are all that we need
for the hands and heart
of God to give us the
gift of life lived in peace.

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