You are angry,
lashing out at all.
Where does this anger
come from? You see this
perfect world you create
each day with pretend
happiness is disintegrating
before your eyes. Cotton
candy dreams melting,
melting, melting, gone.

Your companion, lover, mate
of the soul is fading away
as you frantically pour cures
into his withering, once strong body.

Your anger includes all who
to try to help; you envy
their robust health and feel
any suggestion implies that
you are not doing enough.

Anger–the mask of bone-chilling
fear. I wipe away the blood from
your latest slash, knowing the
source of your anger is fear.

I cry the tears you have yet
to shed and wrap you in loving
light. Be at peace, Dear One.
Use this time wisely to build
precious memories, so that when
he is gone, these days are
remembered with sweet gratitude
for having had this time to savor
each other, your loved shared
for all time.

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7 Responses to Anger=Fear

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  4. I definitely agree that there are times when fear is the source of anger… Thanks for the share!


  5. rachel bar says:

    A client just lost her husband after a battle with cancer. She needs your words.


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