A Single Word

A single word can have
multiple meanings, or
its meaning may be hidden.
When it is joined with
other words, it becomes
part of a symbol, truth,
meaning, thus reaches
one of its potentials.
Because it has multiple
meanings, each time it
joins other words, new
possibilities emerge.

Let us be like this word,
beautiful in it solidarity,
yet lacking depth until
joined with others. Choose
wisely which words you select
to join in order to have the
greatest number of possibilities
and only those with the highest order.

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12 Responses to A Single Word

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  3. Anonymous says:



  4. paixpheonix says:

    Beautiful, reminds me of ripples in a pond.


  5. Beautiful, and I love this photo.


  6. Thought provoking x


  7. 1girl4adamwest says:

    This is my favorite reading today, loved each word.


  8. Incredible photo! Thanks for sharing.


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