Little Bits of LIfe

I examine the budding branch of the tree
ignoring for the moment, its roots, trunk
and other branches.

Today I watch a mother bird sitting
on her nest. She, in return, watches me.
As our eyes connect, our souls exchange
the beauty of this moment. It is all
that was needed.

I am learning to treasure little bits of life.


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  2. “Paying attention” -a wonderful lesson. 🙂
    It is Autumn here…Life is getting ready for winter…But I know of folks in warm climates that say even though they are not as dramatic, the seasons also change where they are. Enjoy.


    • Tropical areas definitely have a noticeable change of seasons, i.e,, rain and dry (which we call mosquito and tick seasons) during which there are different flowers, fruits, and different climates such as cooler nights, shorter days. But some of the changes are more subtle so paying attention rewards one with some special things during each time. I lived in New England for many years and agree that the change of seasons is dramatic. I loved spring and fall but hated the grey, cold days without sunshine or flowers. Never got used to cold weather. Just a tropical girl at heart with always cold feet at night. Intention and attention are pivotal to our spiritual lives, for sure. Thanks for your presence here and lovely comments. hugs, pat


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