Pat’s Ponderings — Souls of Animals

Do animals have souls?
Age old debate. Is it
possible for a person to
not have a soul? When
does the soul enter the body>
What is the soul? Does it
even exist or is it our way
of relieving our fear of obscurity,
and ultimately of death?

When you find he answers to these
questions, you will realize that
you knew them all along. All that
we need to know is within.


  1. Oh I am certain animals have souls. And I think the soul stays near after the animal has left this life. Since my lovely canine companion, Dayna, died I have felt her presence around me often. I miss her dreadfully so it may be my imagination but somehow I think not. I have a new canine friend now and I love her very much, but the loss of my lovely Dayna is still deeply felt.


    • I have two dogs that I still remember with a sweet sense of loss. I have another dog now whose name is Alegria (Portuguese for Joy). I love him with all of my heart but that does not change how I miss the other dogs I have had that touched my life so deeply. Our pets are definitely wonderful examples of how to love. hugs, pat

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