P remonition requires presence
R egret not, follow your inner guidance
E veryone intuitively knows right from wrong
M any choose to ignore
O nly your heart knows for sure
N otice that gut feeling
I nvestigate your hunches
T ruth has a certain feel to it
I nvolve your senses
O nly the foolish ingore
N ow is the time to develop your sixth sense


    • Thank you for the blessing, Deborah. Those I always need. I was amazed when I finally learned that we do, indeed, have the ability, right, and gift to bless another. Somehow I thought only holy people could do that. Trick is, we are all holy! hugs,pat


      • You certainly are holy, or favored of the Lord when we choose to be on his errand, and you are! Thank you friend for becoming a part of my inspiration.
        Bless you & all your righteous desires & endeavors ~
        Blessings ~ Deborah


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