Poetry or Not?

When is poetry not poetry?
Feelings and fire balanced in
the lyrical rhythms of music,
poetry is when we speak from
our soul. We grasp at the
undefinable in trying to define
music, art and poetry. A poet can
make our heart cry, our toes twinkle,
our bellies laugh. The poet puts
into his own rhythm, what we have
not even been able to clearly define.

Poetry uses the paint of words on the canvas.
Its definition refuses to be nailed down, labeled
or defined. Poetry is the poet’s heart and the reader’s
shared moment when one sighs and says, “Ahhhh…exactly!”

Poetry is evocative, concise in its selection of
words that give the message in a way that touches
the soul. It simplifies, delights, offers insights
into fundamental truths. It challenges our
thinking, whispers beauty, offers catharsis.
Poetry just is.


  1. Is that pic of the immortal poet herself, Ms. Dickinson?
    Ms. Dickinson’s work started me as poetic fool only to follow a more idealistic longings of one who really attracted me to Poetry itself, Mrs. Plath-Hughs. I owe my literary life from ms. Dickinson.


  2. Ah Poetry. It is Soul-print. The truth of me, in my innermost recesses . Often I say it out loud, often i whisper, proud of my display, or abashed at my inner chaos, but like you say, poetry is! Each our own language. The Chef, the lawyer the village person, the fashionista, the literate and the unwept…
    an assembly I cannot begin to fathom : yet poetry opens that door. And one stands amazed…

    Poetry never ever ceases to amaze me. I guess its the reason why we obsessively read each other : why we write, why we emote…

    oh wow.. you got me going. Thank you for this beautiful post : ” ahhhh, exactly…”


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