Don’t Forget the Magic

Don’t forget the magic of life
you don’t need to figure out
the “hows.” Just do what you can
and leave some room for miracles
that come in the most unexpected
ways. Life is as easy as you let
it be…magic and all!

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7 Responses to Don’t Forget the Magic

  1. Just do what you can and leave some room for miracles>>>>>nice. because not all of questions have an answer, that’s the magic room….am i right?


    • Pat Cegan says:

      Absolutely right, Jarimanisin. Always leave room for Source to make the magic….that is the fun part. It is all around us if we just pay attention. hugs, pat


  2. Nina says:

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    and it helps to be a friend of Dorothy’s


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    My favourite film…


  4. Phelcky says:

    Hello fellow blogger!
    Dizzy ( nominated me for the
    I had to nominate 15, and you are one of them. It’s a pleasure to read your blog, and I hope this will make others read it. You can read more about the awards here:

    Have a good weekend!
    Love from Lilly


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