Detours of Life

Sometimes our lives take
detours we never expected.
Yet I am learning that these
“unplanned” excursions often
are a rich source of learning
as I am forced to experience
something I might not have
explored alone.

Once I threw away my itinerary
I became free to just let my
life evolve and to savor each
experience. Not easy, and I do
backslide. Yet living in the
now with a willingness to receive
offers a life rich in rewards.


  1. Reblogged this on Living Well and commented:
    This is completely true.

    During my recovery process, I found unlearning schedules and rut routines one of the biggest challenges to let go off, because of the need in some aspects of daily living for their to be enough of a routine to make one comfortable and feel like you are contributing in some way to other people

    while at the same time,

    being able to receive from others too.

    because then that becomes a zero sum or one sided relationship………..

    let’s just say, when you fall off a pedastal whether it’s one you built yourself
    or others put you on…..

    it’s really a far way down.

    sorry Pat. I think I changed thoughts midway and part of that was what I wanted to post on your blog

    and the second part is what I wanted to post on mine, but I forgot to switch between blogs for the actual comment.

    But you know, I have learned so much from your blog and

    that I know that I that I really need to do is close my eyes and just take a deep calming breath and just center myself in the moment that I am in.

    and then everything just snaps into crystalline clarity and all is well with Nina and the universe.

    what a great thought that is to have any time I want, and just by taking a breath.

    something that every single person can do. no matter who or what or where they are.

    I wonder how many other people have that sense of calm. and I feel sorry for people who are bothered by such things as guilt or worry or shame to the point that they can’t just enjoy a breath like I can.


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